Late night radio quizzes, sons’ of bitches, off key singing, ALF, synchronised swimming and foreign sitcoms. Inspired by an intimidating local Fireman, Geoff and Jeremy attempt to acquire official lifeguarding credentials. Meanwhile, Geoff’s Father, Peter, is expelled from his home by Geoff’s mother, Elizabeth, for watching a racy foreign sitcom.

Deep-sea aliens, horse heads, Australian cinema, neighbourly duties and happy endings. Jeremy attempts to start up a community cinema after buying the entire ‘Australian Cinema’ section at the Local Video Rental Store’s liquidation sale. Geoff and Jeremy innocently assist in the burglary of a neighbour’s home while moving the collection into Geoff’s garage.

Giant canines, the commemoration of war, voyeurism, cowboy attire, apologies and smashed guitars. Geoff adopts a new ‘cowboy look’ and befriends a local priest after spotting an eye catching notice board message at a local Catholic Church. Jeremy deals with the fallout over a controversial high school history essay written by his sister, Alexandra.

Further episode scripts available upon request.